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Learning about available materials is essential when you need the perfect countertops to match specific needs for your new construction or upcoming remodel. For instance, some surfaces are much more durable than others, offering protection and extended lifespan in your busy home. Here are some countertop facts that will help you create a space that serves your every need, from stunning visual appeal to outstanding longevity.

Materials make all the difference

Some homeowners prefer that their countertop materials have durable characteristics and advantages that provide lifespans surpassing 50 years. If you're looking for resistance against cracks, scratches, heat, and fading, consider granite countertops with a high-quality sealant in place. Granite countertops are perfect for every home, offering extensive lifespans and few maintenance requirements, even in a busy home.

We understand that not every homeowner prefers natural materials, even though they increase your home's equity or resale value. Sometimes, the durability and lifespan of synthetic surfaces can be a better choice for busy, active homeowners and those who prefer no maintenance or upkeep to retain durability. There are several options in this requirement range, serving you for decades with no sealing and resealing.

Quartz countertops are synthetic, so they're as durable as you need them and offer impressive visuals to match any décor scheme. For instance, quartz is available in any color, with options that mimic any natural resource, including marble and granite. You'll never have to seal these surfaces to get the durability you need, and quartz countertops will serve you for more than 40 years with proper installation, upkeep, and care.

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